Great leaders inspire people by making them feel valued, inspired & empowered

The business landscape in the US is experiencing a paradigm shift that is altering many previously held assumptions. The way that we go about employing people, interacting with our customers and manufacturing products is changing rapidly. Companies that ignore these signals and continue to do business as usual will find it increasingly difficult to compete. It's time to "Flip the Script". 

Did you know that inspired employees are more than twice as productive as uninspired employees? Are your employees engaged in their work? Are they inspired?

If not, don't worry because you're not alone. Many of the bad effects of the industrial revolution are still lingering in the workplace and cause employee disengagement. Organizational survival today comes from employees being proactive – using creativity and ingenuity to solve problems without waiting for instructions. 

Lean manufacturing principles are timeless and shouldn't be ignored by any company that is involved in manufacturing. 

MaidenCreek has a range of options, tailored to you specific needs to get your organization to the next level. 


  • Technical Consulting

    • IQ, OQ, PQ

    • Specification of Capital Equipment

    • Capital Equipment Assessment

    • Technical Labor Assessment

    • Process Engineering

    • Technical Labor Assessment

    • Technical Training

    • Swiss Machining, Citizen, Star, Tsugami, Hanwha etc.

    • CNC Turning, Turn/Mills

    • CNC Milling

    • Contract Programming

    • Machine Set-up

    • Cycle Time Improvement

  • Operational & Engineering Consulting

    • General Operational Consulting

    • Leadership Counseling

    • Quoting process evaluation and engineering

    • Costing process evaluation and engineering

    • Sales Operations

    • Quality Systems
  • Lean Manufacturing Consulting/Implementation

    • Lean Certified

    • Lean manufacturing concepts can drastically reshape manufacturing operations.

    • Whether Lean concepts are new to you or it's time to take a fresh look.

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