edm produces clean, burr free cuts, creating hard to machine geometries

 in even the most delicate parts

Electric Dishcharge Machining

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  • Rapid turn around

  • EDM allows for precise, detailed cuts in delicate & intricate parts with no deflection

  • EDM does not generate burrs

  • Ideal solution for manufacturing parts with unique cuts, angles, tolerances and materials.

  • Materials used in the EDM must be electrically conductive

  • Wire EDM accuracy can be within +/- .0003”

  • Internal corner cuts with nearly square edges

  • More accurate production & prototype runs with shorter lead times

  • RAM EDM machining was used mainly for mold-making

  • EDM has now become a crucial part of tool making especially for prototype and production work in the medical industry.

  • Applications requiring detailed cuts with unique cuts or angles. 

  • Applications in which traditional machining is not possible to due material hardness or geometry constraints.  

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