Micro Parts


Fine Mesh

3D Structure - MEMS Fabrication



  • Microfluidics for diagnostics, drug delivery, cell biology, proteomics, genomics

  • Micromachined needles 

  • MEMS optical, MEMS RF, MEMS acoustic

  • BioMEMS sensors

  • MEMS Inertial Sensors and accelerometers

  • MEMS Hearing-Aid Transducer 

  • Biomedical transducers

  • Gas & chemical sensors

  • Embossing dies, micro molds

  • Lamination plates

Electroformed Mesh & Patterned Surfaces



  • Medical filters, blood filters and cell filters and traps

  • Nebulizers, aerosol generation, piezo vibration mesh

  • Gas flow meter, H2 filter membrane

  • Particle characterization 

  • Industrial printing nozzle plates

  • Particle size analysis

  • Nickel, Soft Nickel, Nickel Super Alloys, Copper, Gold and other magnetic and non magnetic options.

  • Various surface treatments are available