ultra precise micro injection molded parts  


Ultra Precision Micro Injection Molding

Ultra precision micro injection molding services.


Our specialty is formulating hybrid polymers for injection molding that mirror the characteristics of metal components. This allows our customers to convert die cast metal parts to a more cost effective polymer solution. 

Our injection molding is focused on smaller industrial and commercial parts, that require a high level of precision such as smart phone auto-focus gears. 


We offer dust-free and particle free components to service the digital electronics and medical industries. Products are packaged clean and dust free improving your assembly quality and eliminating the need for additional cleaning on your end. 


  • Volume production

  • High precision engineering plastic parts

  • Expertise in micro part design & micro mold fabrication

  • Common tolerance +/- 10μm (.0004")

  • Contact us for list of available polymers


  • Customers include household names in

  • Consumer electronics

  • Camera equipment

  • Automotive camera parts

  • Optical pick up parts for car camera systems

  • Navigation

  • Smartphones

  • Turntables for CD/DVD

  • Gears

  • Levers

  • Automotive Audio parts

  • Auto focus actuator parts for smartphone cameras

  • Digital Camera Parts

  • Optical Comm COB Lens for Optical Comm transceiver

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