ultra precise micro mesh, membranes and patterned surfaces

Electroformed Metal Micro Mesh and Patterned Surfaces

MaidenCreek is a provider of precision electroformed micro mesh and patterned surfaces in metal and engineered plastics. Electroformed mesh is far superior to fabricated mesh for precision applications. Our micro mesh is commonly made to print and can be produced in complex patterns, shapes and designs. It is characterized by burr free edges, sharp edge definition and smooth wall surfaces.  


  • Unparalleled consistency and accuracy of hole shape, size and patterning

  • Complex patterns, shapes & designs

  • Burr and stress free, sharp edge definition, and smooth walls

  • Custom hole shapes allow for more control and efficiency of filtration

  • Low micron sizes are beneficial typically for filtering light and sound, or for conductivity purpose

  • High Transmission Rates

  • Light transmission percentages that are not achievable with other production methods.

  • Hole size from 1um (.000039")

  • Thickness to 200um (.0078")



  • High reliability medical filters including blood filters and cell filters and traps, bio-compatiblity

  • Micro mist devices such as nebulizers, spray nozzles, fragrance dispensing, aresol generation and piezo vibration mesh, bio-compatiblity

  • H2 filter membrane for gas flow meters

  • Exceptional dispersal control of light, sound, gas, fluid or matter

  • Characterization and filtration of aerosols, emulsions, suspensions, liquids, chemical compounds, powders or materials

  • Ultra precise nozzles where ultra precise hole geometry and chemical and mechanical stability are paramount for accuracy and cost control, ie. inkjet nozzle plates

  • Particle size analysis screens, sieves and devices

  • Wide range of material options : Nickel, Soft Nickel, Nickel Super Alloys, Copper, Gold and other magnetic and non magnetic options.

  • Chemically stable, anti-corrosive and biocompatible material options

  • Various surface treatments are available

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