fabrication of ultra

precise 3 dimensional

nano structures

Micro Springs

3D Structure - MEMS Fabrication

3 dimensional nano structure and MEMS type devices characterized by sub micron feature size, high aspect ratio structure (tall) and unparalleled precision and clarity. High aspect ratio structures such as micro pins, pillars, probes and tubes are frequently used in the biotechnology and micro-electronic industries. 


  • Sub-micron structures and features

  • Unparalleled consistency and accuracy of geometry shape & size.

  • Complex, multi-layer integrated three dimensional shapes & designs.

  • Edges and surfaces are burr and stress free, have sharp edge definition, and smooth walls.

  • Fully customizable shape, size etc. 

  • High aspect ratio (tall/deep), probes, tubes, channels, chambers etc.  

  • Various Materials (mechanical, electrical)

  • Higher durability (burn-in, abrasion)

  • Bio-compatible material

Common Applications:

  • Microfluidics for diagnostics, drug delivery, cell biology, proteomics, genomics

  • Micromachined needles 

  • Microsurgical tools

  • MEMS optical, MEMS RF, MEMS acoustic

  • BioMEMS sensors

  • MEMS Inertial Sensors and accelerometers

  • MEMS Hearing-Aid Transducer 

  • Biomedical transducers

  • Tissue Engineering

  • Gas & chemical sensors

  • Embossing dies, micro molds

  • Lamination plates

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