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Precision Machining of High Reliability Devices

Swiss Turn Machining

Making complex components or simple tight tolerance parts (pins/shafts) is possible utilizing various configurations of swiss automatic lathes.

Swiss turning or swiss machining is a reference to a unique style of CNC turning utilizing a lathe referred to as a swiss automatic, swiss screw machine, or sliding headstock lathe. The swiss automatic converts six (6) foot or twelve (12) foot long rods of metal or plastic into finished machined parts in a single operation. CNC swiss automatic lathes use a main spindle and a secondary(sub) spindle. The main spindle is used in collaboration with the guide bushing for the primary machining operations. The guide bushing is an extra element of support which greatly reduces deflection and dimensional variation, making swiss automatics exceptionally accurate. The sub spindle is where a partially machined part is transferred to. The secondary(sub) spindle has its own machining envelope. Once the part is transferred, the main spindle begins producing a second part, and the sub spindle completes the machining work of the original part. Once complete, the sub spindle ejects the part into a chute or catch pan and another part is transferred. This process will go on continuously until stopped. This overlap machining, if balanced perfectly, can reduce cycle times by almost 40-50%, meaning that parts can be produced in half the time, greatly increasing productivity and reducing cost. This makes swiss automatics not only very accurate but also relatively efficient. 

Swiss machines are most commonly available in 10mm, 20mm, 32mm or 38mm sizes, which indicates the largest diameter part that the machine has the capacity to produce. Swiss automatics are available in a variety of configurations and complexities but most include live tooling; which give the machine the ability to perform drilling, milling and threading operations on the sides of the work pieces, perpendicular to the axis of rotation.


The more complex swiss machines have as many as twelve (12) or more independent axis, with up to three (3) turrets that can hold 30 or more cutting tools each. These advanced machines are capable of producing highly complex parts in a single operation. Swiss automatics are precise and efficient but also possess unique capabilities such as the ability to gun drill, thread whirl, gear hob, pinch turn, pinch mill and 3D surface milling using a B axis. 

Swiss machines are great option to produce long slender parts, parts with tight tolerance requirements and parts with complex geometries.


We evaluate each application thoroughly to determine which machining method is most efficient, provides the best quality and consistency, and the lowest cost.  


CNC turning centers have been incorporating live driven tools in various capacities for years. Driven tools enabled the machining of parts complete that often required a separate operation previously. As these machines have involved to include 4th & 5th axis they have become what is know as mill-turn machines. Mill-turn machines enable the seamless production of complicated components in a single operation. 

Whether you need simple turned parts are parts that require the complex capability of a mill turn machine we have the capability to support you.



CNC milling is a core capability required in many high tech industries and industrial products. Milling is relatively diverse and is available in a variety of sizes and specialties. We mill most non-ferrous and ferrous metals in 3 & 4 axis machining centers.

Whether you need simple milled parts in high volume production of complex multi step parts in lower quantity we have the capability to support you.


The latest in 2D flat laser cutting and 3D tube laser cutting couple with CNC bending, CNC forming and powder coating. provides a turn key suite of fabrication capabilities. Clean cuts are burr free edges are great for high volume production

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Additional Capability

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