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Micro Filtration Mesh -  Hole Sizes down to 2 Micron  

Micron level feature size - Sub Micron Tolerances - Mass Production

Micron level feature size and feature control in metal mesh type products with aperture sizes down to two (2) micron. Our engineers have a wealth of experience and are ready to insist you in taking your creation to ground breaking heights. 

Photo-electroforming's ultra-fine processing technology exceeds the capability of chemical etching. This makes it the preferred method for fabrication of next level parts with micro holes. Variable hole shapes, edge conditions and inner wall configurations provide optimal conditions for transmission of light, sound and matter. Applied electroforming is a unique combination of laboratory processes further refined and developed to a level in which industrial scale production is now possible. 

Discover Applied Electroforming

Ultrasonic Spray Nozzle

Fine electroformed spray nozzles and ultrasonic spray nozzles are used to generate aerosols of chemicals, fragrances and oils. Electroformed spray nozzles provide exceptional aerosolization of even the smallest particles and difficult fluids.   


Maiden Micro provides electroformed spray nozzles with holes down to 2um. Key features:

  • Aerosolization devices

  • Spray nozzles

  • Anti-clogging design

  • Smooth, burr free edges

  • More precise that woven mesh

  • Nanometer accurate nozzle diameter

  • Variety of material available

  • Biocompatible, chemically stable

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Inkjet Nozzle Plates

Inkjet nozzle plates are a key element of the printing system, governing the overall print quality. Electroformed nozzle plates provide more flexibility in aperture shape while providing the highest level of precision in ink distribution. Electroformed nozzle plates are chemical resistant and can be fully customized to specific applications.

Maiden Micro inkjet nozzle plates key features:

  • Highest quality inkjet nozzle plates

  • R Type hole geometry

  • Anti-clogging

  • Most accurate inkjet nozzles available

  • Material, Nickel

  • Finish, Corrosion resistant

  • Customized optical components specific to your application

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Nebulizer Nozzle Plates

The benefits of pulmonary delivery of life saving drugs continues to grow and become personalized, the need for high quality nebulizer plates remains strong. Maiden Micro considers nebulizer nozzle plates a particular area of expertise. Produced in an ISO 13485 certified facility, standard nebulizer meshes are in stock ready to ship, or we can design and produce a product to your specifications. Nebulizer mesh is available separately, with piezo ceramics and complete with driver circuit.  

Maiden Micro nebulizer nozzle plates and piezo vibration nebulizer plates key features:

  • Nebulizing devices

  • Droplet size 3um – 30um

  • Fine monodispersed atomization

  • Nanometer accurate nozzle diameter

  • Sub micron holes size tolerance

  • Material, NiPd Nickel

  • Biocompatible

  • Chemically stable

  • Atomization mechanism controlled by optimized integrated unit of actuator and driver

  • Piezo Vibration Mesh (Actuator, Driver circuit is available)

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Fine Filter Mesh

Fine electroformed filtration mesh is produced specific to the type of material to be filtered. Fine filters are used in food & beverage, medical, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals to filter very fine powder, liquid or gas.  

Maiden Micro provides electroformed filter mesh with holes down to 2um. Key features:

  • Anti-clogging design

  • Smooth, burr free edges

  • More precise that woven mesh

  • Nanometer accurate nozzle diameter

  • Variety of material available

  • Biocompatible, chemically stable

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